FRMD: Limited Collection

Limited stock available now. Don't miss your chance to get Art Dubai Exclusive Collection frames.

Perfect for Any Environment

No more adjusting blinds or repositioning your frame — our anti-glare technology adapts effortlessly to your environment, allowing you to display your art with pride, no matter the setting.

One app for all needs

Use FRMD app dedicated to the frames. Connect all your frames smoothly via QR code and manage your frames with a few clicks. Create and cast exhibitions, control volume or turn the frames off: easily in a few clicks.



FRMD offers a simple and secure means of displaying artwork, NFTs, photos and videos with verifiable ownership in your home, office, gallery and more. Our mobile app makes it easy!

Does the frame come with additional accessories?

Yes, you will receive a wall mount with your digital frame. For a custom art stand please contact us.

Will I get help with installation?

Yes, our team will be onsite to ensure seamless installation of your FRMD frame.

How do I connect the frame to Wi-Fi?

Make sure you have our app installed. Then click "Add new frame" and follow the steps.