AI Artist

Elevate any event with our AI Artist app, available on iPads at your fingertips. Watch as it crafts mesmerizing art in real-time, captivating visitors with its creativity. Showcase the creations in our high-quality frames and turn every moment into a celebration of art and innovation.

  • Engaging Experience

    Turn your guests into artists with the AI Artist setup. Let them enjoy creating their own art pieces and experience them instantly on high-quality displays.

  • Promote your brand

    Let our tech turn your logo, brand colors, or flagship product into unique artwork. Add a creative twist to your branding with our fun and interactive AI Artist!

  • AI Artist Experience

    7,190 AED / up to 3 days + 1,450 AED / every additional day
    • 1 frame
    • 1 iPad with a dedicated FRMD AI Artist app + iPad stand
    • White wall for the frame
    • Installation & Technical Support

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